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As I spent my last 5 years at Cromwell, I didn’t even think twice about applying to Sixth Form after I left secondary school. There weren’t any other colleges which were an option for me, it was an easy choice, and I knew that it would be a great place to do my A levels.  

Two of my favourite things about Sixth Form is the teachers and the atmosphere, my subject teachers and the Heads of Sixth form are brilliant, they offer so much advice and always make sure they are helping you make the best decisions for you. The atmosphere is great and encouraging.  

I am taking Art, Media Studies and ICT, the teachers are brilliant when I need help, any questions I have are always answered, which takes away a lot of stress. This makes it a lot easier to focus on my work.  

There is a wide range of options for enrichment as well as the A levels themselves, this gives great opportunities to earn UCAS points for universities for those students who are thinking about attending one.  



It has been really enjoyable studying at Cromwell Sixth Form during these unprecedented times. Sixth Form has provided me with all the support and comfort to help me transition smoothly from Year 11 into Year 12. I can say that the last 5 years of learning was worth it. 

'The guidance provided here has been superb as it is accessible and reliable, which has definitely been useful, to relieve my worries about Sixth Form.'

For my A levels, I chose to take maths, business and photography. If I have any questions or uncertainties, my teachers are always there to solve them and provide advice.

There are many opportunities available, which include open days, links to lectures on desired subjects, careers advice, volunteering in the Primary phase and much more. 

Being at Cromwell Sixth Form has helped nurture me both mentally and socially and I am looking forward to the challenge of Year 13.

Susannah Beston 


I felt really comfortable coming to the same school which I have been going to for 5 years, however, I had doubts about not pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I found that within the first month it felt like a completely brand new school with lots of friendly faces because we are very separate from the lower school. The Sixth Form tutor team are the nicest people you will ever meet! They are there for whatever you need whether you are worried about UCAS applications or just want to go and have a chat which makes the whole experience so much easier. 






On top of this, the subject teachers motivate you to do your best and it really pays off in the end. Although there’s a lot of work to do you get a lot more independence and there is so much support from everyone which really takes all the stress away. Overall, I have had the best experience in year 12 and I can’t wait for year 13! 


I'm a simple man, I don't like a lot of change and I appreciate a good school, so luckily Cromwell Community College worked for me.

Since year 7, I have grown and developed my personality, gaining good grades along the way so I thought it would be wise to continue that journey for two more years.

For my A levels I chose business, law and history. These subjects were picked after the brilliant GCSE experience.

The teaching in all three of these subjects is excellent, allowing me to thrive independently but providing support if needed. 

The classroom environments are filled with respect and a willingness to learn which pushes me further. The study room allows a quiet space and is the perfect place to concentrate on independent studies.

The number of opportunities Cromwell Sixth Form provides for its pupils is quite extraordinary, I feel as if there is so much, I can get involved in, including trips to Parliament, Rome and the Theatre. Cromwell Sixth Form has a great ethos to learn.