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I spent the last five years of my life at Cromwell Community College, staying here for Sixth Form was always my first option and I did not visit anywhere else. Sixth form was a good choice, as it felt easy to transition, as I already knew the place, but as soon as I got here it feels like a completely new experience, with our own dedicated spaces.

The teachers put in effort to help you when you are struggling, but also let you have independence in your own private study.  

They push you really hard to achieve, as they want you to get the best grades that you can. Mrs Paul and Mrs Fisher are always available for help with anything else related to Sixth Form too.

I chose to study business, law and sociology at A level as I thought they sounded interesting subjects but be under no illusion there is a huge volume of work to complete. For an enrichment I opted for fitness and also use the on-site gym. 


When transitioning to post-16, there was no doubt that I would be doing A levels, and to be completely honest I didn’t really consider going anywhere else. I was already comfortable at Cromwell Community College, having spent five years here, and was familiar with most of the staff so I knew my experience in Sixth Form would be a good one. And I was right! My time so far in year 12 has been very enjoyable, the transition from GCSE’s to A levels smooth, and the whole process well guided by the post-16 crew, who ensure you are comfortable with every step you take. 


For my A levels I chose biology, chemistry and Law, with an enrichment of AS core maths. Cromwell offers a large range of enrichment options which is great as you have multiple opportunities to gain more UCAS points and or gain useful experience for later life. The support through my lesson content has also been excellent, and easily accessible. My teachers are always up for having a chat about anything I am struggling with, which is great as I chose three very content heavy subjects.

After A levels, it is my plan to go to university, and I have been provided with all the necessary support and opportunities to help me pursue this, for example extensive personal statement checks, trips to open days and volunteering opportunities.

Cromwell Sixth Form really aims to prepare you for life and in my opinion, does so very, very well.  



After five years of attending Cromwell Community College, I was unsure whether I wanted to continue there for my A-levels, however, as I researched other options and compared them I decided it was the best option for me, especially in terms of results.

This swayed my decision, and I have realised the real reason for the achievement at Cromwell Sixth Form is the students and teachers being a community, the mutual respect is the key to the success. As I reflect, I know I made the right decision.


A-levels are stressful and if you don’t have the right people to support you it makes them even harder. The support we receive is great and genuinely helpful, and I don’t believe I could have obtained this level support anywhere else.

My subjects are history, law and sociology and even though all my teachers have different teaching styles, they have one priority, ensuring our success, and so far, they have been great in supporting us in doing so.


After spending the whole of secondary school at a school in Peterborough I wanted a change, when asking for advice re alternative options, Cromwell Sixth Form was the one which was recommended , with a wide range of courses and enrichments.

The guidance and support Cromwell Sixth Form provides really motivates me to continue pushing myself,  especially when facing tough times, as you know you always have someone who is not only willing to listen but also give thoughtful advice.

For my A levels I decided to take health and social care and compliment this with work experience within the primary school. If I have any concerns or questions, I know my teachers are there to support me and provide advice.

Joining Cromwell Sixth Form as an external student and I had concerns about fitting in, but the teachers and all the students have made my time here really enjoyable and I can honestly say it has helped me to be more focused, and I can’t wait for the challenge of year 13.