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Jessica Crosbie

Cromwell had been a second home to me for five years and felt like the most suitable choice for my Post 16 education. The immense support systems and opportunities made Cromwell Sixth Form, a far better choice, than other colleges and sixth forms. I chose to study Psychology, English and Biology, whenever I struggled with a concept in my chosen subjects the teachers were more than happy to explain it, and provide additional support and materials to enable me to progress and excel. This year I have the honour of being a Senior Student Leader. This role includes mentoring younger students, working as a part of the Eco Committee and joining the debate team. The sheer number of opportunities offered at Cromwell Sixth Form, elevates the college above any other. The support both academically and socially has been exemplary and it is a springboard for me to go onto university and develop into a well-rounded individual.




Mollie Fox

During my time at Cromwell Community College, I have had a positive experience from Year seven to Year 11, so it made sense to stay at Cromwell Sixth Form. The Sixth Form has such a positive atmosphere and all of the teachers are dedicated to helping the students. This gave me all the confidence I needed to know this was the right place to study my A-Levels.

My chosen subjects were Psychology, Sociology and Business Studies. The quality of the teaching allowed me to expand my knowledge, ensure my success in these subjects, and have a solid preparation for studying at university. Not only is there great support in lessons, the mentor team also provide the additional support needed to manage the jump from Key Stage 4 to 5.

Some of the enrichment opportunities to take advantage of include work experience, debating, performing arts award, EPQ, MOOC’s or taking on the responsibility as a Senior Student Leader. For me, being able to hold such an important role within the school I have attended for the past six years is a privilege that will stay with me for the rest of my life.