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Pupil Recognition

Recognition (ID 1086)

Pupil Recognition System

The new system is based around the Cromwell Community College Values, a set of skills that we identified as the most important attributes that our students should demonstrate to be successful both in school and beyond.

We will be recognising the students who both demonstrate and promote these values within the school. Students will now earn themselves ‘Success’, ‘Confidence’ and ‘Respect’ points when they go beyond expectations within these areas. Staff will award these points though Go4Schools so you can track these achievements and join us in praising your child when they achieve this positive recognition.

We will be celebrating these successes in a number on different ways throughout the year. Your child’s ongoing total will go towards celebration events such as the end of term rewards breakfasts and end of year events. There will also be many opportunities throughout the year to excel in targeted ‘booster’ weeks. These will be communicated ahead of time and coincide with events such as mock exams, anti-bullying week, mental health awareness etc and tie in with the relevant values. Those students achieving the most points in these weeks will be recognised with a variety of rewards such as canteen “Fast Track” passes, Astro turf passes, vouchers etc. But most importantly they will be building good habits that will mean that they make the most of their school experience and prepare them for the world outside of school.

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