Primary Transition

At the beginning of Year 6, members of the Senior Leadership Team will visit your child’s primary school to give a presentation and an opportunity for questions and answers in a more personalised setting.


Senior pupils accompany us on these talks to allow you to ask them questions directly about their experience of Cromwell.

Pupils and parents are invited to join us for an evening in October from 5.00pm – 8.30pm to view the college in action and to hear the Principal’s address on her ethos and vision for the college.  Staff and pupils will be available in all departments to answer questions about all areas of the curriculum.  You will receive a personalised tour guide for the evening.

Throughout the year we liaise closely with all our partner primary schools to support themed weeks and initiatives across the curriculum. We also have Cromwell staff who are governors at 4 of our local primary schools.

After May half term pupils will spend a day in our Resources Centre where they are involved in a series of activities. This will give them the confidence to access all resources to support their independent study. In June, a selection of staff visit your child’s primary school on a rolling programme to create a dedicated day of transition. They will meet ex-pupils, their head of year; take part in a team building session and also experience a humanities and mathematics lesson.

Also during June, we organise individual appointments with a senior member of staff, these last approximately 30 minutes and are there to get to know your child to ensure they are appropriately placed in tutor groups.  We also launch our literacy curriculum in your primary school and all literacy lessons post SAT’s focus on their transition work for Cromwell.  All our partner primary schools deliver French as a language. 

We are aware that many of our pupils have made exceptional progress in specific subject areas at primary school. We have a transition programme in place that ensures we are fully aware of their current achievements and build on these.

Finally in July, pupils have the opportunity to come to Cromwell for the day with all other Year 6 pupils and experience a day with their new year group. Parents and pupils will then return in the evening to meet their tutor as an end to the programme.

Open Evening


This is a high profile event in October which gives any member of the community an opportunity to see a showcase of the pupil's achievements at Cromwell. All departments are open and visitors can wander freely around the college or have a guided tour from one of our pupils. There will be a presentation by the Principal during the evening and you are able to attend this at either of the two times available.

Further details on times and dates are published in the local press nearer to the event. We will also publish our open mornings so parents can visit the school during the working day. 

All of the feeder primary schools will be provided with a prospectus Cromwell prospectus. For Parents of pupils that live out of catchment, a prospectus and School tour can be arranged if you contact the office or Faye Baxter directly.

Library Resource Days


Year 6 pupils will be able to attend the learning resource centre after the summer half term, to take part in library skills sessions at Cromwell. Jackie Harding (Learning Resource Centre manager) delivers the sessions over eight consecutive days.

All pupils that attend will be presented with a day pass and souvenir pen on arrival. They will enjoy researching the history of Melvil Dewey and the Dewey decimal system using the library computers. They will also get the chance to use their alphabetical skills locating a selection of authors in the fiction section of the library.

Year 6 pupils will be able to stay for lunch, having the option to experience a café style meal in the school cafeteria. The day ends at 2pm when the children return to their primary schools for a debrief on their Cromwell experience.

The library skills days are aimed to help Year 6 understand how to use a school library, open a library account, give information on how to become a school librarian and boost their confidence ready for their transition into secondary school in September.

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Transition Days


Our aim is to provide the primary schools with one day in the summer term where Cromwell staff are timetabled to deliver sessions at the primary school where year 6 pupils are in their comfort zone.

  • Mrs Baxter takes previous Year 6 pupils to introduce the day and allow the pupils to ask questions.
  • The Head of Year gives a presentation on expectations of the pupils and uses an activity to get to know the pupils as individuals.
  • Mr Pearson will teach a lead lesson on history as part of the and allow pupils to access what a Cromwell lesson looks like before they reach Cromwell.
  • A member of the maths faculty will deliver a fun and interactive mathematics lesson.
  • Miss Ponder or Mr Totton will involve the pupils in taking part in a team building exercise.

Individual Appointments


We will invite all parents to a meeting at your child's primary school for an appointment of up to 30 minutes with a senior member of staff. Prior to the appointment you will be sent a pack of significant forms that we would like you to complete and bring with you. This ranges from data protection information to requests for school equipment. During the appointment we will discuss your child's strengths and talents as well as any concerns you may have about settling in to specific subject areas so we can support all their needs.

  • Our special educational needs co-ordinator Mrs Amor will be available for appointments with those pupils who need her advice and guidance.
  • Year 6 primary school offices will hold appointment sheets for all the staff attending; this will vary according to the size of the school.

Please could you liaise with your child's Year 6 teacher or primary school office to sign up for an appointment slot when the appointment times are published.

Literacy Launch


In order to ensure we provide a successful transition in Literacy from Year 6 into Year 7 members of our English faculty will visit Year 6 pupils to deliver a lesson. This lesson will allow pupils to use their imagination whilst developing their writing, speaking and listening skills. At least six members of the faculty visit different schools because it is important that as a faculty, we meet as many new pupils as we can.

The teachers visiting will ask for a written piece of work to be completed which is usually a narrative piece created using a specific prop as a stimulus. The work is completed on paper and as a faculty we assess pupils’ responses paying particular attention to their general literacy skills.

Junior Day and Evening


Pupils will be able to attend an induction day. This induction day is where all our prospective Year 7 pupils come to Cromwell for the day to meet and bond with their form group. This is centred on personal learning and thinking skills and gives the pupils a chance to bond and get to know their form and attendance at some lessons. The evening gives an opportunity for parents to meet the tutor.

Individual School Events


During the course of the year we have a transition calendar which provides a record of all the events that take place in our 6 feeder primary schools and in the out of catchment schools where pupils have chosen Cromwell as their secondary school of choice. Primary Schools will take the lead here and request Cromwell Staff to support events to aid transition. Previous events have included:

  • Healthy eating week workshops at Benwick Primary School
  • French taster lessons at Kingsfield
  • Maths support for the more able at Kingsfield
  • Science week whizz bang experiments at Lionel Walden with Year 6 pupils also visiting us for the day. This has become an annual event
  • The Post 16 careers convention organised by Mrs Clarke
  • Sports events throughout the year co-ordinated by Mrs Russell
  • Observation of writing workshops at Kingsfield
  • Spirituality lessons at Kingsfield during RE week
  • Music workshops during music week at Benwick
  • Drama club led by sixth form at Thomas Eaton
  • Moderation in maths with Glebelands.

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