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Cromwell Community College

Music Lessons

If your child is interested in Music lessons, please see what we have on offer at Cromwell below and how to arrange lessons.

If you require information about funding for your child's Music lessons, please contact Mr Lawrence at lwatson@cromwell.cambs.sch.uk.


Toby Rideout is our Guitar teacher and teaches electric, bass and acoustic guitar and ukulele.

For further details about lessons please contact Toby at toby@rideoutmusic.co.uk.

Piano and Violin Lessons

Hannah Caller is our piano and violin teacher. For further information or to arrange lessons please contact her at hannahcaller@gmail.com.

Woodwind Lessons

Sarah Wheeler is our woodwind teacher and teaches the clarinet, flute and saxophone. 

For further information about woodwind lessons, please contact Sarah at sarah@fenlandmusic.co.uk.


Drum lessons are taught by Paul Purcell. If you are interested in having drum lessons, please contact Mr Lawrence at lwatson@cromwell.cambs.sch.uk to arrange a taster session.


Brass lessons are taught by Jamie Wilson. If you are interested in starting brass lessons, please contact Mr Lawrence at lwatson@cromwell.cambs.sch.uk.

Singing Lessons

Singing lessons are taught by Vicki Mason. If you are interested in having singing lessons, please email Mr Lawrence at lwatson@cromwell.cambs.sch.uk to arrange a taster session.