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Modern Foreign Languages

Children  really enjoy learning a new language at primary school and children get a real sense of achievement from mastering and using new key phrases! Learning a foreign language is compulsory at Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6) and it is  about language learning skills than the particular language on offer.  Having said that, we are very fortunate to have an amazing Modern Foreign Language department in the Secondary Phase so are very keen to utilise this so even though this is not compulsory until Key Stage 2, children will be learning some language phrases from the very start of their time at Cromwell.  We will be teaching French.

Children are given the opportunity not only to learn about other cultures but, more importantly, to communicate with others too. It is also a thoroughly enjoyable subject to learn, with less emphasis on the written word and more on practical tasks, such as drama, story-telling, role-play, speaking and listening.

Key Stage 1

We will introduce some informal learning in these years through games, drama and rhyme as well as stories.

Key Stage 2

All children in Key Stage 2 are  given opportunities to learn how to:

  • communicate orally
  • share their ideas and feelings using speech
  • compare their use of English grammar and spelling to another language
  • express some ideas in writing

The Children will cover work under some general headings.  Some of these include:

  • Listening to a language and joining in to learn everyday words and phrases
  • Learning how to have conversations in another language to share ideas and opinions as well as being able to ask and answer questions
  • Reading texts and stories in another language, carrying out basic comprehension tasks
  • Learning songs, poems, rhymes and stories in another language to help with vocabulary but also with cultural understanding
  • Writing some words and phrases from memory as well as describing people and places with basic sentences


The document below sets out the skills progression for each year group:

Knowledge and Skills Progression in MFL