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Cromwell Community College

History Curriculum

Children are inspired to research events,  think about people of the past, and especially enjoy all the bits that are gory, nasty or just plain mad (that’s why Horrible Histories is so popular!).  History in the National Curriculum is: ordering events in time; finding differences and similarities; writing and talking about the past; using different sources for information; asking and answering questions. All classes in each year group will do all of these at some point and aim to link ‘then’ with ‘now’. We aim to bring this alive for our pupils in engaging topics that entice pupils to want to find out about the lives of people in the past. An overview of our topics is included at the bottom of this page.

The early learning goals at EYFS are focused on the memories of the child. It may be that they are asked to remember a special event or routine or custom for their family. Children will talk about differences between different family members or different generations.

At Key Stage 1, children are asked to learn about specific people and events that are both within and beyond living history. There are strong links to our local history, events and people in Chatteris. We have strong links with the local museum and over time at Cromwell, pupils will visit the museum often and enjoy visits from Museum volunteers into school.

At Key Stage 2, the curriculum is much more prescriptive. Your child will learn all about the following periods of British History over the 4 years in Key Stage 2.

  • Stone Age
  • Ancient Romans
  • Anglo Saxons and Scots
  • The Vikings
  • A local history unit
  • A period of history later than 1066

Children will also be introduced to some world civilisations in History.


The document below sets out the skills progression for each year group:

Knowledge and Skills Progression in History