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Cromwell Community College


Please find below useful links for periods of isolation and bubble/year group lockdowns, in addition to work set by the class teacher on 'Seesaw'.

All Subjects

The Oak National Academy   -  this has specific subject and year group ideas

National Geographic  -  view a wide range of topics and resources



Outdoor Learning

Learning Through Landscapes 

The Woodland Trust

Science Fun

Science Focus  - experiments to try at home

Siemens  -  experiments to try at home

Cosmic Shambles  


The Kids Should See This -  videos with a special focus on STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Maths

View document primary_-_enrichment/oceans_resources_06_2021.pdf


Virtual Zoos

London Zoo

Bristol Zoo

Chester Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo

English & Maths



Top Marks

Letters (lower case and capitals)

ICT Games

Segmenting and Blending

ICT Games


Top Marks

Oxford Owl


Go Noodle -  fun dances to try

Cosmic Kids Yoga -  yoga for kids


Places of Worship virtual tours

Headspace  -  meditation for kids

Bedtime Stories

Staff at Cromwell have been busy creating Bedtime Stories. Click on the links below to listen to the stories. We hope you enjoy them!

'The Koala Who Could'  -  read by Mrs Searle who teaches Technology

'The Queen's Hat'  -  read by Mrs Searle

'You Can't Take an Elephant on the Bus'  -  read by Mrs Searle

'Goodnight Duggee'  -  read by Mrs Harding who works in the Cromwell Library  

'Colin the Chameleon'  -  read by Miss Garlick who teaches English

'The Grunt and the Grouch'  -  read by Mr Stevenson, a member of our Senior Leadership Team

'The Story of Tantrum O'Furrily'  -  read by Mr Stevenson

'The Lion Inside'  -  read by Mrs Macdonald and her 2 lions (cats) Sebastian and Pickle

'How do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon'  -  read by Mrs Macdonald and Pickle the cat

'The Cow that Laid an Egg'  -  read by Mrs Macdonald with the help of Alan (the very naughty rabbit who like eating books) and enjoyed by Sebastian

'Little Bear's Trousers'  -  read by Mrs Macdonald and Pickle the cat

'Smiley Shark'  -  read by Mrs Richards and the shark from the story!

'The Very Greedy Bee'  -  read by Mrs Riches in her beautiful garden. Watch out for her special bees!

'The Boy Who Hated Toothbrushes'  -  read by Mrs Macdonald and Alan the rabbit, who promised not to eat this book!

'Hairy McClary and the Scarface Claw Scattercat'  -  read by Mrs Macdonald and Alan the rabbit

'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'  -  Read by Mrs Riches and Teddy

'How to Catch a Star'  -  read by Mrs Riches and Teddy

My Activity Passport

When we are young, how do we know what we will like, what interests we will have and what challenges we might want to take on? It is important that children have the chance to try things out, to get a taste of the world around them, to see and do things that they wouldn't normally do, or go to places they wouldn't normally go and to meet people they wouldn't normally meet. These things are important because a world-class education is about much more than qualifications, it is also about your character and well-being.

We develop our character from taking on challenges and pursuing our interests, by doing things that are worth doing even when they are difficult and may not give us an immediate reward. The new 'passport' of activities has been launched by the Education Secretary to encourage more family time and help build children's character and resilience.

We have many enrichment activities across the curriculum that children have access to, but we would also like to share this 'Activity Passport' for your child to work on each year at home. You can download from the image below, or alternatively ask at the school office for a printed copy.