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This week we have shared the story The Train Ride  by June Crebbin. Children enjoyed talking about trains, vehicles  generals and creating some trains from big boxes in the outdoor area.


In Maths, we have continued work on shapes and completed a challenge to identify the 3D shapes with only some clues.

During Assembly this week, we talked about the story of the Good Samaritan from the Bible and thought about how to be good citizens.  

To stay healthy and active this week, we competed in our Mini Olympics Sports Day event. Thank you to parents, carers and family members for attending and to Mrs Bradford (Guy’s mum) for supplying the wonderful medals. Congratulations to the Green Team who won the title for 2021.

At lunchtime this week, we have experienced a new yoghurt station. We are loving this (plain yoghurt with fruit, granola and raisin toppings).

At Forest School, children enjoyed hunting for yet more mini beasts, tried fishing with sticks and wool (a great game led by Sonny), created mud paint with powder paint and mud brightening up some of the tyres and looked in the meadow for bees and butterflies.


This week the theme has been bees. The children have been learning about bees, finding out how they produce honey, then making and enjoying honey sandwiches. They discovered that bees drink nectar and turn it into honey.

This week the children have been reading 'The Very Greedy Bee'. Many children have said that their favourite part was when the bee shares his nectar with his friends and they have a midnight feast of honey!

We have been using tricky word spellings in our writing with a focus on the correct formation on 'W'. The children particularly enjoyed writing labels about their Mini Beast models, for our Mini Beast Exhibition.

Our froglets have now lost their tails and are now looking more frog-like.

In maths, we have been focusing on 'one more' and 'one less' and finding ways to make 5.

To stay healthy and active, we have been enjoying Walk to School week. The children have been finding out about the Walk to School heroes each day, and how walking to school can keep us healthy.

Some children have enjoyed building a car with the large blocks!


Next week our theme will be Worms!



Last week we were exploring the life cycle of frogs. 

We have some real life tadpoles in our classroom!

We have been looking at the growth of tadpoles into froglets and then into frogs. 

We have been doing some arts and crafts with frogs as the theme.

We have been using our field at lunchtimes to have fun playing football, running races and lots of active games.

Many children have been riding their bikes at lunch time and this has been adding to our miles for the Tokyo Challenge. 

This week we will be: 

  • Continuing our topic of frogs 
  • Continuing the active games on the field
  • Practising lots of writing in the outdoor area 
  • Working hard to be responsible in the classroom and earning rewards for great work. 

Here are some photos from our week:

We finished our Christmas cakes by spreading marmalade on the tops and then cutting out a circle of fondant icing, and decorating the tops! 

We have practised our nativity play and are so excited to show all of our grown ups. Keep an eye out for our recording on our youtube channel. 

Today we had our forest school morning, we had fun exploring the snow, building santas sleigh with the construction blocks and making birdfeeders. We hope the birds are going to have a nice feast!!!! 

Next week we will be:

  • Performing our Christmas nativity story (please help your children to learn their lines and encourage them to speak loud and clear)
  • Reading the story 'Dream snow' 
  • We will continue our learning about total number (learning about putting two groups of items together and working out the total number)
  • Focusing on being kind to each other and following the school rules 
  • Making Christmas cards 
  • And lots of other fun and interesting activities to do with Christmas. 

See you all next week! 

Owl Babies (27 November 2020)

This week our theme has been about owls. As a class, we read the story 'Owl Babies', and our tasks have encouraged us to spend some time exploring many different aspects of owls. We have thought about habitats, the things owls might eat and features of an owl. 

We painted an owl baby with cotton wool, made a collage with lots of small pieces of tissue paper and practised our pencil control with some colouring. Some of the children wanted to challenge themselves, so they drew their own pictures and coloured them in. 

A rock expert from the secondary phase came in on Friday afternoon because Guy and William had emailed asking for somebody to help. We found out about ammonites and many other rocks! 

Some other things we have been doing are:

  • Practising our handwriting 
  • Continuing our letters and sounds 
  • Working on remembering our school rules and values
  • Practising for our Nativity. 

During our owl theme, some children have commented:

"they live in the trees".

"owls are nocturnal ... that means they come out at night". 

"they have lots of feathers".

"I think they eat bugs ..... and potatoes" (we continued our discussion about the types of foods owls eat compared to the foods we eat).

"They were scared because their mummy went away, but then she came back again... then they were happy". 


Next week we will be practising our Nativity story, and learning our lines. 

Some thing you could do at home are:

  • continue to practise vc/cvc words such as 'in, it, as, am, on, and is' and 'cat, mat, pat, sat, dog, fox' 
  • talk about owls, maybe you could read some stories or look online for some information about owls 

Remember to check our Seesaw for the weekly challenge form Mrs Riches

Let’s celebrate ! It’s Diwali ! (20th November 2020)

Children have been exploring and learning about the Festival of Lights and the cultural background of Diwali. The children used clay to make 'diva light' then painted and decorated them. On Friday as a whole class, we lit the divas and sang lots of lovely joyful songs. 
 Painting our Diva lamps after the paint had dried

The children also made some Diwali sweets, and we enjoyed them together during the afternoon carpet time. 
 Making coconut ice

 On Friday the children had alot of fun in the forest school session. They made a den, dug in the mud, watched the crackling fire,(thank you so much for the wonderful donations of wood) and challenged themselves  to balance along the rope bridge. 
 Balancing along our new rope bridge

Next week we will be: 

Practising our Christmas Nativity. Please encourage your child to practise their lines and to speak loudly and clearly. 

The homework for this week is to make a decoration for the class Christmas tree. We cannot wait to see your wonderful creations!

Focus on the sound 'd' and we will be practising letter formation. It would be wonderful if you could encourage your child to do this at home too! You could do this in the bath with bubbles, use some crayons to write, make marks in sand or to use chalks outside on the pavement. Any practise will help your child to get used to the different movements to form the letters. 

In maths we will be continuing our learning of quantities using language such as 'fewer than' and 'more than'. 

Have a great weekend! 

9 - 13 November

We had a great dress down day on Thursday, (although Mrs Riches and the team enjoyed the dress up element!)   Children focussed on charity and the concept of Children in Need and what this means.

Sounds this week: x, y, z, and q with linked stories and actions. Children are getting better at writing letters and hearing all the sounds within CVC (Consonant, Vowel, Consonant) words such as cat, dog, mat, hat, cap... so they are beginning to wrte theirown words independently.

Next week we look forward to finding out all about Diwali. If you have any resources to share, we would love for you to bring them in.





SNAP, CRACKLE AND A POP !!! (6 Nov 2020)

We have been remembering 'The gunpowder plot' story and thinking about the characters, why we celebrate the 5th of November and how to keep ourselves safe around bonfires, fireworks and sparklers. We used a range of arts and craft materials to make our own firework pictures and to make rockets. Then we learnt some new songs in forest school about bonfires. 

Our phonics sounds this week have been:

SS ( LONG SSSSS sound, the action to go with this sound is to kiss two fingers and make an S shape)

J  (the action is a jiggle)

V ( the action pretending to steer a car) 

and W (the action is to wave your hand in front of your nose like there is a whiff in the room) 

Next week we will be exploring 4 more sounds and we will be thinking about Children in Need, and Remembrance Day.