Year 9



Year 9 is an important year for choices and thinking ahead to future education or employment. Pupils complete work on skills needed for employment; like interview skills which are used with the ILP interviews and working as a team.

The work Year 9 will complete this year will help prepare them for their key stage four choices and how to be successful in their chosen subjects.

Fortunately, Year 9 pupils have a fantastic team around them to help them cope with these challenges and offer support and guidance. This team starts with the people that they see every day, their forms tutors most of whom have been attached to their tutees since they began their time at Cromwell and therefore they know your sons and daughters well and can recognise when they may need a helping hand.


Year 9 Team

Form Group

Form Tutor


Email Addresses

9 Clare

Mr Suckling


9 Darwin

Mrs Russell


9 Emmanuel

Miss Cavilla


9 Girton

Mrs Middleditch


9 Kings

Mr  Smith


9 Pembroke

Mrs O’Rourke

Music (Head of Subject) 

9 Selwyn

Mrs Amor

Inclusion (SENCo) 

9 Trinity

Miss Bailey


Year 9 Weekly Tutor Programme

Form time is a 20 minute daily slot where pupils spend time in their form groups. Form Tutors aim to develop pupils’ interpersonal skills and knowledge of the world. The Year 9 programme is as follows:


  • Personal development (PD) will start at 2pm on a Wednesday in the week 1 timetable. Pupils will follow a programme of activities which develop their personal, learning and thinking skills and the social, emotional aspects of learning.
  • A full year group assembly is taken by the Head of year or a member of the middle management team on one day of the week. The themes for the assemblies are linked to current events both in and out of school with a view to widening the pupil’s horizons. Each form group also takes an assembly once a year, they are given a theme and have to produce and assembly as a group and present it to the entire year group. Assemblies provide and opportunity to celebrate success, to learn together about current affairs and to recognise important events in the annual calendar.
  • Form tutors and pupils should select a news story which can be local, national or international for HIGNYF (Have I Got News For You) day. In order to help meet some of the cross curricular aspects of citizenship, some of the stories selected focus on political stories and events. Pupils should be encouraged to suggest news stories and lead discussions. These sessions can also be used as preparation time for the form led assemblies.
  • A day every fortnight is dedicated to the ‘Positivity Journal’. This is a personal journal for pupils to write down their achievements over the last two weeks, both in and outside of school.
  • During admin day pupils work on a variety of items such as celebrating as a form group and individual successes. In the first two weeks of ach term these slots should focus on the selection and election of form/games captains. It also allows time for form tutors to speak individually to any pupils whom they are concerned about or who need extra support. Pupils will also have the opportunity during this time to read a book or engage in some quiet study.
  • Quiz days see the form groups complete a current affairs quiz, as a team or individually. The slot enables groups to learn and discuss an important issue in the news. Forms compete with each other termly to win a form group prize.

Personal Development

 Pupils are taught PD by their form tutors. The topics that are covered throughout the year are:

  • Relationships including families
  • Stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination
  • How to handle conflict
  • Influences
  • Drugs and the law
  • Alcohol
  • Anti-smoking

Pupils will also have the opportunity of to study and explore these further with the collapse PD days. These days often involve external companies or speakers coming into the college to work with the pupils.

Key Events

 Option Choices

In year 9 pupils make option choices for the subjects they would like to study in year 10 and 11. Options evening gives pupils and parents information about what subjects are available for them to study. Teachers are available on the evening to discuss any questions about courses. Form tutors will help pupils fill out a practise option form and give more guidance if needed. Many members of staff are available, including the head of year, to help pupils with any questions about options.

Click here to download our Options booklet for 2017-19

Click here to download our Foundation option booklet 2017-19

Individual Learning Plan (ILP) Interviews

Pupils will have an interview during their option choices process, with a member of the senior leadership team and sometimes with their form tutor. At this interview, option choices will be discussed and an ILP is completed. Pupils in year 9 will start the process of writing a personal statement and thinking about the skills they have and what they would like to do in the future. Three targets are set, a personal target, a school target and a career target; pupils will then revisit these targets in year 10 and 11.