Year 7


Year 7 is a challenging, exciting and enjoyable year for pupils at Cromwell; they have completed transition and are well on their way, on their personal journey to academic success as they move through year 7. Most pupils have begun to take on more responsibility for their own learning.

They are enjoying the greater sense of independence that they have, as they take on more responsibility for their own appearance, organisation of their equipment and time-keeping. With the help and support of parents, carers and a consistent Tutor Team, we aim to help pupils as they develop their own skills and organisational abilities.

Year 7 pupils have a supportive, caring team around them to help them develop in confidence and to offer support and guidance. The team includes Form Tutors who see their pupils almost every day throughout years 7-11. Your son or daughter will also have Mrs Priest as their Head of Year throughout the remaining four years. The Year 7 tutor team has a variety of experience and skills and will do their best to support your child in their academic journey, in every way possible. Most members of the team have been attached to the year group since Year 7 and will remain with them until the end of Year 11.

Year 7 Team

Form Group

Form Tutor


Email address

7 Clare

Mrs Searle


7 Darwin

Mrs Hall


7 Emmanuel

Mrs Walls


7 Girton

Mr Wales


7 Kings

Mrs Howell


7 Pembroke

Mrs Pentland


7 Queens

Miss Spaxman

Performing Arts 

7 Selwyn

Mr Smy

Head of Science

7 Trinity

Mr Sugden


Year 7 Weekly Tutor Time Programme


Form time is a 20 minute daily slot where pupils spend time in their form groups. Form Tutors aim to develop pupils’ interpersonal skills and knowledge of the world. The Year 7 programme is as follows:


  • Personal development (PD) will start at 2pm on a Wednesday in the week 1 timetable. Pupils will follow a programme of activities which develop their personal, learning and thinking skills and the social, emotional aspects of learning.
  • A full year group assembly is taken by the Head of year or a member of the middle management team on one day of the week. The themes for the assemblies are linked to current events both in and out of school with a view to widening the pupil’s horizons. Each form group also takes an assembly once a year, they are given a theme and have to produce and assembly as a group and present it to the entire year group. Assemblies provide an opportunity to celebrate success, to learn together about current affairs and to recognise important events in the annual calendar.
  • Form tutors and pupils should select a news story which can be local, national or international for HIGNFY (Have I Got News For You) day. In order to help meet some of the cross curricular aspects of citizenship, some of the stories selected focus on political stories and events. Pupils should be encouraged to suggest news stories and lead discussions. These sessions can also be used as preparation time for the form led assemblies.
  • A day is dedicated to ‘Way with Words’. This slot is written by the Head of English and has a literacy focus aiming to raise standards in writing, grammar and handwriting.
  • During admin day pupils work on a variety of items such as celebrating as a form group and individual successes. In the first two weeks of each term these slots should focus on the selection and election of form/games captains. It also allows time for form tutors to speak individually to any pupils whom they are concerned about or who need extra support.
  • Quiz day see’s the form groups complete a current affairs quiz, as a team/. The slot enables groups to learn and discuss an important issue in the news. Forms compete with each other termly to win a form group prize.

The Year 7 Council


There are 14 members of the Year 7 Council– a boy and girl from each form group. These are chosen annually by students as they learn about democracy. Two members of this group have been elected to the full School Council. The Year Council meets with Mrs Priest half termly, to discuss any issues pupils have about school and to organise fundraising activities.

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The Year 7 Tutor Team aim to promote excellence in terms of behaviour, attitude and effort, through positive rewards and consistent use of sanctions where needed. Each Form has termly elected Form Captains and Games Captains to encourage the sense of responsibility and pride in personal achievement that we value at Cromwell.

Students are rewarded by staff for a variety of things, including good effort and pleasing achievement in their work; helpfulness around the college; kindness to other students and making a good contribution to the school community.

Individual Departments have their own reward systems and certificates or privileges. In addition, the whole school subscribes to the ‘Behaviourwatch’ computerised system. This system allows staff to notify parents, via email, when a student has been awarded a positive commendation. When students have earned 50 points they are presented with a Bronze Award- a certificate and a badge. One hundred Points leads to a Silver Award and Two hundred points equals a Gold Award.

In addition, within the Year, we run an inter-form competition. The form with the most Positive commendations on Behaviourwatch each week receives a certificate. For Excellent Attendance, individuals are awarded certificates. Likewise, the inter-form competition means the winning form each week receives a certificate.