Year 11


Year 11 is one of the most challenging years for any pupil, as they embark on an important year at Cromwell. The challenges ahead are demanding, so organisation and forward planning are vital. The day to day running of Year 11 is primarily overseen and guided by the head of year and the form tutors.

It is our aim to ensure that every pupil reaches their true potential. If help and intervention is required, be it academic, social or emotional, this will be organised as quickly as possible. The Director of Learning for Behaviour (Mr Russell) and the Director of Learning for Attendance (Mrs Fulcher) work closely with the head of year highlighting the key events for Year 11, tracking academic progress with the various faculties and dealing with individual pupil issues.

We see education as a partnership between parents, pupils and staff. Parental support is crucial if this partnership is to be successful and so parents are encouraged to email or telephone their childs form tutor or head of year with any issues or concerns they may have. Encouraging and guiding pupils into suitable Post 16 course is an important part of this year; work on this begins right from the outset in September. It is hoped that pupils in Year 11 become mature, thoughtful pupils who are good role models for others. They should have high aspiration, with academic and personal targets which they have set themselves. As pupils take ownership of their learning they take first steps towards independence. 


Year 11 Team

Form Group

Form Tutor


Email addresses


Ms J Grainger



Miss C Rhodes



Miss L Garlick



Miss D’ Stefano



Miss H Crumpton

Modern Lang


Mr A Stamford



Mr A Knowles



Mrs R Morgan



Mr M Rix



Mrs Wendy Allen



Mrs N Chapman



Mrs S Taylor



Mrs E Harnwell


Year 11 Weekly Tutor Time Programme

Form time is a 20 minute daily slot where pupils get to spend time in their form groups with their Form Tutor; there is a programme that is followed weekly to enable the development of pupils’ interpersonal skills and knowledge of the world. The Year 11 programme includes:

  • Personal development (PD) will start at 2pm on a Wednesday in the week 1 timetable. Pupils will follow a programme of activities which develop their personal, learning and thinking skills and the social, emotional aspects of learning.
  • A full year group assembly is taken by the Head of year or a member of the middle management team on one day of the week. The themes for the assemblies are linked to current events both in and out of school with a view to widening the pupil’s horizons. Assemblies provide an opportunity to celebrate success, to learn together about current affairs and to recognise important events in the annual calendar.
  • Students will have the opportunity to use one form session as a Personal Quiet Study session in which they will take responsibility for their own learning and either, complete subject specific work or quiet reading.
  • Information And Guidance sessions will follow a set program and delivered with the aim of guiding students towards the relevant knowledge and understanding of key topics moving towards Post 16 and further careers.
  • Quiz day see’s the form groups complete a current affairs quiz, as a team/. The slot enables groups to learn and discuss an important issue in the news. Forms compete with each other termly to win a form group prize.
  • Academic mentoring is available; pupils will have the opportunity to talk to their form tutor about post 16 choices and have other opportunities to complete their UCAS form for post 16 choices. Time can also be directed for pupils to discuss any concern about their GCSE subjects as year 11 can become quite stressful. 

Personal Development 

Pupils are taught PD by their form tutors. The topics that pupils will cover are:

  • UCAS applications
  • Relationships including families
  • Stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination
  • How to handle conflict
  • Influences
  • Information advice and guidance, including a post 16/18 convention
  • Interview and CV writing techniques, including a one to one interview with an employer
  • Drugs and the law
  • Alcohol
  • Anti-smoking

Pupils will also have the opportunity of to study and explore these further with the collapse PD days. These days often involve external companies or speakers coming into the college to work with the pupils.

Key Events

Post 16 Choices

There are also many opportunities throughout the year to attend visits to various colleges and universities to give pupils a feel for what life would be like there and to help them make choices about where to apply for their post 16 studies. Pupils will be able to attend a post 16 convention at Cromwell where potential employers and Colleges gather to give information to the students on what is available for them at Post 16.

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Progress Files

A progress file is produced in Year 10 and is added to throughout Year 11. The progress file is a record of any achievements or qualifications that pupils have gained throughout their time at Cromwell. The progress file should not just include school based achievements and qualifications as the idea of the progress file is that it gives information on the whole student. Pupils will take these progress files with them to interviews for Colleges, sixth forms and potential employers to demonstrate their strengths and achievements.

Click here for a guide on what can be included in a pupils progress file.


During Year 11 pupils will be active in their roles as prefects or on committees. This will be an exciting time for pupils to be able to show others how to be role models and organise fund raising for the prom. Prefects will need to be committed to their role in year 11 and wear their badges and ties with pride.


The mentoring scheme involves pupils in year 11 helping support younger pupils; usually Year 7 and Year 8 pupils who may need help settling into life at Cromwell or who for other reasons may benefit from having someone they can go to for help and support in the College. Pupils are nominated to become mentors and if they want to take part in the scheme are given training on how to talk with and help these younger pupils. The year 11 mentors will have to be dedicated and have to be willing to give up some of their own time to work with others. The mentors also run a lunchtime club twice a week called ‘Here 4 U’, which acts a place for younger pupils to go if they want someone to talk to, some advice or just to sit and play games and make new friends.

Year 11 Prom

The prom is always an exciting event and a celebration for year 11 after finishing their GCSE exams. The prom committee is set up at the beginning of year 11 to organise every detail with help from staff to ensure the evening is memorable for everyone. There is specific criteria for being able to attend Prom with parents and pupils receiving a written confirmation on whether they meet this criteria for attending and how prom discounts can be obtained.