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The College believes that work completed away from the classroom provides an opportunity for pupils to develop, reinforce and practice important key skills, for example organisation, time management, perseverance, diligence and independent enquiry - to name a few. 

There is also a strong positive link between the completion of appropriate amounts of homework and pupil attainment*.  It has been documented that pupils completing homework showed between 5-8 months additional progress.

We realise that for a variety of reasons some pupils may have difficulty completing homework.  The College aims to ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to profit from the benefit that completing homework brings and for that reason will support pupils in their completion of homework. This support comes in a number of ways.

As well as tracking progress, attendance and behaviour, from September 2021 Cromwell are now using Go4Schools to log and track homework. Teachers will set all homework for pupils on Go4Schools and include links to digital resources. Therefore it is now essential that all pupils can access Go4Schools from home.

Guides to assist pupils logging in to Go4Schools

  • Year 7 will need to follow: 

Setting up a Go4Schools Login 

  • Years 8-13 will need to follow: 

Changing your Password on Go4Schools 

Non-Completion of Homework

If there is no legitimate reason for a pupil having not completed the homework, then following discussion with the teacher our rewards system will be used to issue a sanction along with a second deadline. The response of The College is then escalated as appropriate if the homework is not completed for the second deadline.

Homework Club

Our Homework Club operates every Tuesday and Thursday in the Learning Hub (Library) from 3:30pm to 4:30pm. Members of staff are on hand to support pupils during these sessions. 


*Higgins, S., Katsipataki, M., Coleman, R., Henderson, P., Major, L.E., & Coe, R. (2014). The Sutton Trust Education Endowment Foundation, Teaching and Learning Toolkit. October 2014. London Education Endowment Foundation.

Last updated: September 2021