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Cromwell Community College

Breakfast and After School Club

The aim of Cromwell Breakfast and After School Club is to provide a safe, well-supervised, friendly, homely place where children can learn to interact, play, socialise, and be happy. We strive to meet the needs of all parents and children alike.

Opening Times

Before School Club opens at 7.45 a.m. until 8.55 a.m.

After School-Club is open in the afternoon from 3.15 p.m. until 6.00 p.m.

Introduction to Breakfast and After School Club: We open at 7.45 a.m. and cannot accept responsibility for children before that time. A responsible person (sixteen years or over) must sign the child in, so please do not leave your child in the playground or drop them off at the gate.  The Breakfast and After School Club Manager will collect children from the classroom at 3.15 p.m. and they will then be registered at the club. Breakfast and After School Club will only run when the school itself is open for the children. For example, it will not be open during the school holidays and on teacher training days.

Session Costs

Morning: 7.45am to 8.55am  -  £4.00 breakfast included


3.15pm – 4.15pm £4.00

4.15pm – 5.15pm £4.00

5.15pm - to 6.00pm £3.00

All snacks are included in these costs.

Available activities

Sport: We offer various outdoor activities, including football, skipping, tennis, parachute games, table tennis and team games.

Lounge area: We have a homely, comfortable seating area where children can sit quietly on the sofa and watch one of the DVD’s that we have or listen/read audio books.

Arts corner: We have lots of different art and crafts equipment such as paint, chalk and collage materials

Other areas:  Mud kitchen in the outside area, gardening, dressing up, Lego, Duplo, play people, toy animals, lots of board games, books and many more things!

Breakfast and Tea

These meals are available to children who attend Breakfast and After School Club and are included in the cost. These consist of a selection of cereals, seasonal fresh fruit, yoghurts and toast/crumpets served with butter and jam each morning.

Crackers, sandwiches,  hummus, vegetable sticks and fruit will be available in the afternoon.  We will also try to include cooking activities after school so will, on occasion, make biscuits or similar snacks. We will aim to meet the needs of all special dietary requirements.


Breakfast and After School Club closes promptly at 6.00pm and all children must be collected by this time.  Late collection beyond the booking time will incur a charge of £5 for every 15 minutes. When you collect your child, please sign him/her out and mark the time of collection. This is essential as the register is used as a checklist in case of a fire.  No child may leave without being accompanied by a nominated person. If you have arranged for someone else to collect your child(ren) then you must speak to a member of staff or contact the main school office who will make sure a message gets to relevant staff. If this is not done, we will not allow your child to leave unless we have spoken to you and sought permission.

Only nominated persons will be allowed to collect children from the Club, and they must be aged 16 years or over. At the end of an evening session if a responsible adult fails to turn up and we are unable to contact any of the named persons on the registration form, we will follow the school procedures for a “left child” (if there is no contact with responsible person within 30 minutes, Social Care will be contacted).  


The booking form allows you to select the days that you will require. Please Complete the booking form and you will be notified when the payment for the first half-term is available to be paid via ParentMail. It is important that you complete a booking in form, especially if you are claiming working family tax credit as information about child care may be required by the Inland Revenue. We advise that parent’s/guardians apply for working family tax credits; you may be entitled to help with childcare costs.

One-off bookings can be made subject to availability, with payment at time of booking via ParentMail. 

Please note: When you fill in a booking form for Breakfast and After School Club, you are entering into a contract and so are liable for all the costs of the hours you have booked.

Methods of payment  -  ParentMail. Childcare vouchers can also be used.


If you need to cancel your child’s place at the club, you will need to give 48 hours notice to not be charged. As you will have paid in advance, these charges will be deducted from future payments. You will be charged for booked sessions even if your child does not attend that have not been cancelled. You will not be charged if your child goes home from school due to sickness or if they are attending a school sporting event.

Terms of Membership

Breakfast and After School Club provides before and after school care, currently for children in reception and in future years in year groups 1 – 6 as the school grows. We cannot guarantee a place for a child, but we do strive to meet the needs of all parents and children alike.

Discipline Policy Aims: Our aims are to encourage the development in each child a sense of individual social responsibility and of self-discipline.  

Ethos: The college values underpin all that we do and we aim to have a happy, caring atmosphere in which children are treated with respect by staff and in turn demonstrate the same behaviour.

Safety: It is necessary for children’s safety that at all times the supervising adult should be in control of the children in his/her care. The supervising adult is acting in ‘loco parentis’ and should act as a responsible adult would. The Executive Head is the final arbiter, and they are ultimately responsible for ensuring appropriate arrangements. Children need the sense of security which comes from a well-controlled environment and the certainty that inappropriate behaviour is unacceptable. Whilst the staff are the main influence on the behaviour of the children, and appropriate activities are prepared, there will be some children in the best managed environment whose behaviour will cause concern. While in an ideal world children will be getting the same message at home as they are at school, it is recognised that for some children the nature of acceptable behaviour will differ between home and the Club.

Occasionally staff will need to maintain their control by the use of sanctions such as ‘time out’, informal discussions with parent’s/guardians or more formal arrangements. This will always involve the Head of Primary and parents/guardian with informal discussions of a child’s behaviour. If a responsible adult is placed in charge of collecting a child (in loco parentis), that adult will be informed of the behaviour, and it is therefore the responsibility of that adult to pass the information onto the child’s parent/guardian.

Sanctions policy:

1. A reprimand

2. ‘Time out’

3. The child’s actions will be formally taken to the Head of School, who will deal with the situation as they consider appropriate.

4. If such sanctions are considered to be occurring frequently, the child will be warned that his/her parents/carers will be contacted.

5. The parents/carers are contacted by the Manager of the club and asked to come to the school to discuss the situation.

6. If these measures fail then the child will be excluded from Breakfast and After School Club for a specified period of time.

7. The child will either be reinstated or permanently excluded from Breakfast and After School Club.

8. There may be occasions when an instant exclusion could be implemented if it is felt that the child has become a danger to themselves or others.